Susan Bandes is a scholar in the fields of federal jurisdiction, criminal procedure, and civil rights.
She is also a pioneer in the emerging study of the role of emotion in law.

Susan A. Bandes

Emotions are an integral part of human behavior, but the legal system tends to treat them as intrusive or invisible. Drawing on insights from psychology, sociology, neuroscience and other fields, Susan Bandes’ work evaluates the many complex emotions—and assumptions about emotion—that pervade the law.

Interview with Susan Bandes
What Roles Do Emotions Play In Law?
Podcast: Law and Emotion


Remorse and Criminal Justice

Emotion Review
(Special Issue on Law and Emotion, Susan Bandes and Terry Maroney eds.) pp 1-6 (Dec. 2015)

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Sorry, Not Sorry

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“To the Best of Our Knowledge.”

Should Judges and Juries Look for Remorse? 

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Discussed in the National Geographic:

Emotion is not the Enemy of Reason

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Compassion and the Rule of Law

13 International Journal of Law in Context 184 (2017)

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A Compassion for the Law

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